Our values


We are a Czech company

Ego Harmony is a Czech family company. The development of our products only takes place in Czech certified laboratories, as well as final filling, packaging, and storage.


Quality and gentle care play a key role

We carefully select the most effective ingredients from natural ones worldwide. We combine these selected substances so that all our products are truly effective and gentle at the same time. All this takes place under the supervision of leading health and beauty experts.


Your health comes first

The development of each of our products is always completed by certification in the National Reference Center for Cosmetics at The National Institute of Public Health. As part of this certification, our products undergo a total of 7 microbiological and dermatological tests, 4 of which have international ISO accreditation.

These tests not only ensure the maximum safety of our products. When choosing individual substances, we make sure that there are no doubts about their safety. That is why our products will never contain, for example:

  • SLS - Destroys the skin's protective barrier and also contributes to skin and eye irritation;
  • Parabens - We do not want to support the production of these toxic substances, due to their negative impact on the health of all of us (allergies, production of free radicals, DNA damage);
  • Silicones – You will not find these substances in our cosmetics! Our goal is a healthy, breathing skin, which silicones with its properties (clogging of pores) does not offer;
  • Phthalates - Toxic and carcinogenic effects have been demonstrated when using these substances.


We protect nature

Natural ingredients are always produced sustainably. Since these substances are inherent, they do not harm nature in any way, even when returning to the environment. We avoid using e.g. mineral oils, paraffin, petrolatum, i.e. by-products of oil extraction.


We do not harm animals

Under EU law, we never test products or any of the ingredients or raw materials used on animals. The ingredients used to produce our cosmetics are not of animal origin, except for beeswax.


We believe in recycling

Our packaging is already recycled or fully recyclable. Tubes and cups are made of recyclable plastics, and the boxes are made of recycled paper. We use natural wood wool as a protective filling, which can be disposed of ecologically, by e.g., composting. The outer transport packaging, which has the Austrian OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification, is unique. Although resembling plastic bags, they are made of natural starch and are therefore compostable.


We support charities

Every year, we donate 10% of our profits to non-commercial projects that help society or the environment.


We reward loyalty

If you register with us, you will get a discount of:

5% for all future orders, if the aggregate value of all your paid orders so far has exceeded CZK 1,000;
10% for all future orders, if the total value of all your paid orders so far has exceeded CZK 4,000;
15% for all future orders, if the total value of all your paid orders so far has exceeded CZK 5,000.


Sustainability is important to us

Sustainable development is defined as a balance between the economy, the environment, and human needs. We also strive to pay maximum attention to sustainability, which is why these three pillars are reflected in all our principles described above.


Free shipping

You will always find at least one free payment option and, above all, free shipping in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We never make this option conditional on a minimum order value. Free shipping, therefore, applies to Czech and Slovak orders at any amount. If your order exceeds the value of CZK 1,500, shipping to other countries is also free of charge.


All products are in stock

Because we are manufacturers of our products, and not just an intermediary, we always have all products in stock.


We listen to you

Please email us about your expectations from cosmetics. We welcome all your suggestions and comments. We will also be pleased with any positive feedback.

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