Ego Harmony again attracted attention of the world cosmetics jury

EGOHARMONY - Ego Harmony again attracted attention of the world cosmetics jury    The results of the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021, a global competition for cosmetic products developed with regard to efficiency, economy, ecology and sustainability, were published today. The international jury selected from more than 400 products from around the world this year.

We are very happy that both of our products were among the awarded cosmetics. Nourishing cream ARGAN & OPUNCIE confirmed that participating in the finals of the Pure Beauty Global Awards in the category Best Anti-Aging Product 2021 was no coincidence. It has won a silver medal in the category Best Argan Product.

The highest award, the gold medal, went to the Face scrub ARGAN & OPUNCIE in the category Best Cruelty Free Beauty Product, which recognizes products that are not tested on animals and any of their ingredients are not tested in this way. In addition, the individual components must not be of animal origin. The only exception allowed is beeswax, because its collection does not harm the bees in any way

The fact that the Global Green Beauty Awards do not focus only on the news of the given year, but also appreciates products that have been on sale for several years, adds importance to these prices. These awards confirm that our goal is to provide highly effective and gentle care in harmony with nature. We are happy to belong among the past GGBA winners such as Avon, Shiseido, Mary Kay, Natura Siberica and Zenz.

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